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Client testimony

"Codedesign is critical to the success of our online store. With the help of Codedesign we have built a consistent digital sales strategy and doubled our numbers every year." - David Arié, Board Member of Perfumes e Companhia

About the project

Perfumes is the leading brand in E-commerce for Perfumes and Cosmetics. The E-commerce store was experiencing a very high CPA and some difficulty capturing returning customers. From Analytics our rate of abandoned carts was not as we wanted them. Our challenge here was to increase unique purchases and quantity of sales and increase revenue from returning visitors. perfumes e companhia case study 

What we did

Existing remarketing campaigns were audited for major issues. The primary problem was poor market segmentation, causing display ads to miss relevant audiences. Optimization of remarketing campaigns began by focusing on segmentation. Separate list categories were created to address remarketing to the different types of audiences:

  • Smart Listing Audiences
  • Users Who Added Items to Shopping Cart but Did Not Purchase
  • Users Who Made It to Checkout but Did Not Purchase
  • Users Who Abandoned Shopping Cart in last 7 Days
  • Users Who Abandoned Checkout in Last 7 Days
  • High-Value Users (Have Already Spent 250 € in e-commerce store)
  • Low-Value Users (Have Already Spent 120 € in e-commerce store)
  • Very Low-Value Users (Have Spent Less than 50 €)

Next, we created a Cost-Per-Click strategy based on critical audiences. CPC spend for the remarketing campaign was prioritized based on audiences who were most likely to convert and make high-value purchases. We created a new display banner that promotes free shipping for all audiences. The goal of this banner was to encourage users to move from consideration to conversion. Lastly, we manually chose the ad placements for the campaign.


We observed the progress of our updated display remarketing campaign after one month of implementation to ensure that KPIs aligned with our objectives. Using nearly the same ad spend as the previous remarketing campaign, our new strategy increased revenue by 425%. The improved targeting of display ad placement resulted in an optimized ad spend. Though CTR decreased just slightly, the clicks that occurred converted 420% more.

  • 94.7% Increase in retention
  • 55,7% CPC decrease
  • More than 15k increase in revenue
  • 425% Increase in Remarketing revenue
  • 6.39% Average Conversion Rate from ads

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David Arié, Marketing Director of Perfumes & Companhia Says

''Working with Codedesign feels like having an extension of your own team; providing insights into performance, strategy adjustments and optimization on a weekly basis to drive the increase in sales required. Our sales are consistently growing aligned with our ambitious sales plan.''

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